3 Ways a (Fake) Tan Helps you Win at Life

3 Ways a (Fake) Tan Helps you Win at Life - Bro Glo

Some guys have just been dealt a good genetic hand. Whether these are the guys that can eat burgers and drink beer while still maintaining a 32” waist, or the ones who were born with a bronze complexion that makes you assume they just spent the day at the beach. Now don’t you dare get us wrong; we really want to dislike those guys. However, we here at Bro Glo are in the business of helping dudes win at life. Instead of spreading the hate, we just want to level the playing field by spreading on a layer of self-tanner. Keep reading to learn three ways that a fake tan helps you win at life.

  1. When you look good, you feel good: We are pretty sure there is some science behind why this happens. You’re welcome to comb through the appropriate medical journals and get back to us, but we are content with knowing that this is just a fact. Think about the last time you felt under the weather. You’re hanging out in a pair of ripped pants rewatching Sons of Anarchy. Instead of staying down in those dumps, you get up, shower, and get dressed. How much better do you feel? Scientifically speaking, we’d guess “lots”. Your lack of tan is those ripped underpants. Bro Glo self-tanner is a hot shower and your favorite jeans.
  2. When you feel good about yourself, it makes everything in life more awesome: Again, we didn’t do the math. However, when you feel good, you spread that noise all over. You are in a better mood at work. You smile at the barista. You are chatting up those chicks at the bar and getting all sorts of well-deserved laughs. When you feel like a million bucks, your entire world levels up right along with you.
  3. When everything in life is more awesome, lookout, world: You have a killer tan that didn’t cause you any wrinkles, you are firing on all cylinders thanks to your improved mood, and now there is nothing left to do except win at life. Maybe you ask for, and get, that raise. Maybe that barista goes on to have a great day because you were so friendly. Maybe one of the ladies laughing at your hilarious jokes accepts an offer to go to dinner. The bottom line is that when you look and feel good, the world is your freakin’ oyster. Congratulations on standing atop that podium that is life.

If anything in life has got you down, there is no harm finding out whether or not a fake tan will make things better. It is certainly cheaper than therapy. In fact, if you don’t believe us, prove us wrong. Slather on some Bro Glo, give yourself a golden tan, then get out there in the world and see if life doesn’t get just a little bit sunnier for you. Looking better leads to feeling better leads to winning at life. Because science. Probably.

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