We're Bro Glo

We made self-tanner for the boys.

Other self-tanners didn't cut it.

We were frustrated with the lack of self-tanning options for men. The hard truth is that most of the existing available self-tanners were geared toward women - perfume smell, too dark, time-consuming to apply, etc. So, we put our heads together and created our own men's self-tanning concoction and decided to call it Bro Glo.

The Original Tanner for the Boys™

We know self tanners. We love self tanners. To us, self-tanner for men are a necessary part of life. You see a pale dude on the street and he looks like a fish out of water. It's a real problem, bro. But this exact passion for self-tanner is why Bro Glo is so rad. We don't do lotions. We don't do shaving creams. We do self-tanner. We put a huge, brolicious effort into making our products. We formulated it for the toughest fake tan critics - us. And after lot of work, fine tuning, and fresh brewskies, we faithfully emerged with a product that meets - nay, exceeds - our highest standards for bro tanner excellence.

Lightweight, not greasy or sticky, easy and quick to apply, and leaves you with a natural-looking tan - like you've been hitting the ole' wooden stick and knockdown wedges with the boys all day. It's everything a bro tanner should be plus some. It's time to take the plunge and join the bro tan revolution.

We're the best.

Don't just take our word for it.

What's most rewarding for us is helping guys look their best in order for them to have the confidence they deserve.

- Jaron, Co-Founder

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