Bro Glo Foam Body Tanner - Darker

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Yo bro, let me tell you about our new "Darker" water-based foam body tanner we got goin' on. It's seriously so hot. Like, hotter than a freshly microwaved hot pocket. It's like our Original body tanner, but with a little more kick. One application of this bad boy gives you a slightly darker, natural-looking tan that'll have all the ladies swoonin' (yeah I said swoonin'). Plus, it's super easy and quick to apply and blend. Trust me, this tanner is the ultimate wingman for all your chick-pickin' needs. They won't stand a chance against your newly bronzed bod.

Good to Know:

  • A Zeus-like tan-in-a-bottle that turns your body into a beacon of lust
  • We hate thick, greasy lotions so you can be damn sure we made it lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy.
  • What? There's more? You're damn right. This stuff hydrates, reduces redness and evens out your skin tone.  Sliced bread is gonna be pissed.
  • You're a busy dude so we made it quick & easy to apply.
  • Streaky? Stains clothing and bed sheets? Hell no, fellas. Not with this tanner - our formula doesn't contain any dyes.
  • The tan lasts around a week.
  • One bottle lasts a few months, depending on how much/often you use it.
  • Mitt & Back Applicators sold separately.
Why Bro Glo?
Not Sticky or Greasy

No messy feeling.


You won't even know it's on.

Quick & Easy

Goes on easy and dries fast.

No Dyes

Won't transfer to clothing or sheets.

Subtle Scent

No strong chemical smells.


Want more color? Just apply more.

No Bro Glo vs. Bro Glo

Our body tanner is the best tanner north, west, east, and south of the Mississippi. Yeah, that's everywhere.

But really, it's the best. And it works.

10,000% Happiness Guarantee

Yep, that's right. If you don't like your tan for any reason, send it back using our dope return process. Here at Bro Glo, we like to keep things simple and make sure to take care of our customers. You can return your order for any reason, within 14 days of receipt of your items.

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