What is Bro Glo Foam Body Tanner?
Our Body Foam Tanner is a water-based, sunless tanner for your body. It's formulated to come out as a foam so it's easy to apply and blend.

How long will the Body Foam Tanner last?
One bottle should last you around few months. How long it lasts depends on how much and how often you use it so it can vary.

I have sensitive skin, can I still use the Body Foam Tanner?
Yep, we formulated it for sensitive skin and it's perfect for someone looking for a natural-looking tan. Along with being water-based, it's enriched with nourishing oils and skin-loving ingredients.

Does it have dye in it?
No, our Foam Body Tanner is water-based, clear, and does not contain dye. It comes out as foam and goes on clear.

Do I need the mitt applicator to apply it?
We recommend using our mitt applicator for best results. This will ensure it's blended and won't lead to missed spots. However, it's not required, but if you don't use the mitt, you can use your hands (with or without a latex glove). Just make sure you wash your hands afterwards to avoid staining.

Does it stain or transfer?
No, it won't stain or transfer to your bed sheets, pillows, or clothing.