Do This BEFORE Going on Vacation

Do This BEFORE Going on Vacation - Bro Glo

Like a modern-day Donna Summer, you work hard for the money. Now that the world is slowly but sure opening back up, you are finally in a position to take a vacation. Huzzah!

Whether you're a fan of winging it or you prefer to plan down to the last tiny detail, everyone can acknowledge that a little bit of vacation prep is a must. Before you head out for the nearest beach, campground, or villa, take a look at the following five things that you must do before going on vacation.

  1. Make a list: Those of you who are not fans of planning may turn your noses up at this one, but hear us out. We are not saying you need to take pen to paper because, honestly, who even has paper at home anymore? A quick list in your smartphone reminding you of all the important must-have items will get the job done.
  2. Pack the essentials: Consult said list. Pack them, at a minimum, the night before. Look, we know you may think you are a better packer than Aaron Rogers, but waiting to pack the morning you leave is just adding extra things to your to-do list. Even if you can be packed and out the door in 30 minutes, do yourself a favor and pack everything you need ahead of time. Include one extra pair of undies to make your mom proud.
  3. Plan at least one activity: Those meticulous folks can skip ahead here. We know you’ve got this part taken care of. This tip is for those of you who can’t be bothered to set a schedule for yourselves. We’re not saying you must have something planned for every hour of the day. Just find at least one fun activity to do on your trip if for no other reason than to post it on the ‘gram.
  4. Buy a decent sunscreen: Whether you will be on a beach or in the woods, the sun will most certainly be wherever you are. That ball of gas is funny that way. Apply a nice SPF so that you can spend your vacation outdoors without having to worry about sun damage to that handsome yap of yours.
  5. Get a tan: I know, we just said you want to use an SPF and avoid sun damage. However, a sunless tan just makes more sense. For starters, if you need a tan tomorrow, Bro Glo can make that happen. Even the sun isn’t that baller. Besides, the odds are very high that wherever you go, there will be gals. And gals would like to see a guy with a nice tan rather than one sporting pallor. Already got a gal, and she’ll be vacationing with you? Then allow us to tell you that she’d prefer it if you had some color, but she's just too nice to bring it up.

Some people have been waiting way too long for a vacation, and we just want to make sure that you are getting that well-earned R & R. Go get 'em, gentlemen.

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