How to be the Star of your Zoom Meetings

How to be the Star of your Zoom Meetings - Bro Glo

Finally. The Internet went mainstream back in the mid-90s, and oh how it has gone on to be such a blessing and a curse. By the time W was in office, every company on Earth was connected. There was absolutely no need whatsoever to go into an office. You could live wherever you want because work could happen anywhere now.

Except it didn’t. Those billion-dollar companies that employ loads of people and trust them with financial information and big decisions didn’t quite yet trust those same people to work out of their line of sight. In fact, it took an international pandemic 20+ years later for companies to finally let their workers head home. And it wasn’t until they realized that they could make some quick cash by selling all that pricey real estate they no longer need that the world finally went to work from home. For that, we can thank Zoom.

Zoom Meetings, or any virtual meeting that features all the attendees on camera, are now the norm, and long commutes to sit at a different desk are over. If you want to know a few tips and tricks that will help you be the star of your Zoom meetings, read on.

Arrive Early: It's a virtual meeting that you can attend with a mouse click. There is absolutely no excuse for you to be late. We all know that guy who shows up 5 to 10 minutes after the meeting has started and needs to be brought up to speed. Don’t be that guy.

Be Ready: If you are presenting, be prepared. Do not let the rest of the team sit by while you are trying to locate the needed documents to present or find that one file. You had notice of this meeting, so being caught off-guard is not going to be a good look for you.

Avoid Tangents: It's fun to catch up, but it's easy to get caught up talking about your weekend or the big game. As glad as we are to see the Eagles in the playoffs, we really want to steer clear of using the Zoom meeting to talk about how they fared against the Buccs. Besides, beating Tom Brady on his home field is no easy task for any team. Sure, the Titans did it, but they have had one heck of a season themselves. And yeah, we are just happy to see them in the playoffs, but…oh. Sorry about that. We went on a tangent about tangents. See our point?

Look Like Professional: We are not saying that you need to be in a three-piece suit, but make sure anything that can be seen on camera is presentable. Feel free to wear slippers and sweats on the bottom, but keep it pressed on the top. A nice bronze glow will be a nice addition to keeping it business on top. Like a mullet but with your outfit.

It really isn’t that tough to be a rockstar. If you are already a fan of Bro Glo, then you were well on your way to rockstar status anyway. We hope we gave you a gentle push over the finish line.

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