Date Prep Essentials for Men

Date Prep Essentials for Men - Bro Glo

You decided to swipe right? Mazel Tov! We here at Bro Glo would like to be the first people to congratulate you on landing a hot date. We’re not surprised. I mean, a fun, smart dude like yourself is quite the catch.  And though we are certain that you need no help from us, we would like to politely let you know that you do, in fact, need help from us. And we are happy to provide it! Read on to learn more about date prep essentials for men.

The Day Before

It's Friday, and your hot date is on Saturday. That makes tonight the perfect time to apply your Bro Glo sunless tanner. If you think that you didn’t need to give yourself a sexy glow prior to your date, then boy are we glad you found us.

Friday is also a good time to consider what level of scruff you think makes you look best. Do you want to shave tonight and allow for some sexy stubble tomorrow? Or do you plan to shave shortly before your date? Both options are acceptable because we know your bronzed mug is going to look totes amaze either way. Have a beard and are offended? Trick question! Men with beards don’t get offended. Give that facial hair a wash and a trim as needed.

The Day Of

Bathe. Did we have to be the ones to tell you? We sure hope not, but we are happy to be the ones to tell you that this is a must. Give yourself a nice, soapy rinse. It goes without saying that you should do this after you hit the gym or complete a bunch of yard work, but we are here to say it anyway.

Wash and iron your date night outfit. Dirty jeans and a wrinkled hoodie may be damn comfy, but take our advice and deck yourself out a bit. Jeans are just fine, but please give those guys a wash before you head out. Any shirt you own that has a collar must be ironed. Repeat: must be ironed.

Clean up your place. Put things away. Put dirty clothes in a hamper and dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Or, maybe, wash them and put them away. We aren't saying that you need to do a disinfecting deep clean, but if your date accepts an invite back to your place, try to make it look like a grown man lives there.

Plan something. Literally anything. Do not, for the love of all things holy, show up on your date’s doorstep and ask “So whadda ya wanna do?” We are pretty sure that what she will want to do at that point is close the door and binge-watch The Crown on Netflix... by herself. Don’t even go there with the back-and-forth texts. Just propose something. “Does meeting at (Insert Favorite Spot Here) at 7 PM work for you?” We know you are down for whatever, but taking no initiative can be as ugly as a pale complexion.

The Next Morning

Well done, sir. Clearly, you listened to us. *wink wink*

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