Sunburn & Sun Damage – How to Keep your Skin Safe from the Sun

Sunburn & Sun Damage – How to Keep your Skin Safe from the Sun - Bro Glo

The sun is quite the paradox. Human beings need that massive ball of gas to live. In fact, just about every living thing you could name needs sunshine to thrive. Plants need it to grow. Cows need it, PLUS they’ll be eating the aforementioned plants. Then we come along to eat both of those things. And since those things do not have all that much Vitamin D, we need the sun for that, too. This hardly seems fair. It quite literally makes no sense that the fire in the sky can do so much to injure us, but without it, we are toast. Malnourished, pasty toast.  What’s a bro to do? Allow us.

Avoiding Sunburn and Sun Damage

Anyone who is planning to spend time in the sun needs to take the needed precautions. Whether you are thinking about spending the day by the pool or going on a hike, you need to make sure you are slathered in SPF. Applying once before you go outdoors may not be enough, so if you plan to spend a few hours outside, you will definitely want to reapply as needed. You may be tempted to just rub a little on your face, but since we are fairly certain that your entire body is covered in skin, you will want to make sure that your whole body is protected.

It also couldn’t hurt to stay covered up. A hat and t-shirt will help to keep those rays away. And though you may not be topless, you will still likely have your arms and legs exposed, so don’t forget to give them a layer of SPF as well.

Wait a Sec. You JUST Said I Need the Sun!

We sure did. And we even meant it. Getting a little bit of sunshine without burning can not only help with your Vitamin D levels, but it can do wonders for your mood. The best way to do this is to get some early morning sun. You are more likely to burn between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm, so get out there before work and take a quick walk or jog. Bring your dog.

Then How do I Get a Tan?

The question we have been working up to has been asked. Spending enough time in the sun to build a tan is just not worth it. As the sun tans your skin, it does a little more damage each time. Who wants to risk it? Sunburns are uncomfortable, itchy, and just all-around bad news for your health. Instead, apply some Bro Glo Sunless Tanner and spare your skin from the beatdown that the sun delivers. We truly hope the next time you are slathered in SPF at a pool party with a killer tan thanks to Bro Glo that you don’t keep it a secret. Tell everyone you know all about us so they, too, can be spared from wrinkles and sun damage while still sporting an awesome bronzed glow.

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