Have the Wintertime Blues?

Have the Wintertime Blues? - Bro Glo

Feeling down for reasons you can’t seem to place can be a total drag. Having friends and family who tell you to “just get over it” can be even worse. Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing. It is more than just the winter blues; there are scientific reasons behind why you may be feeling like a giant pile of hot garbage. If this sounds a tad familiar, then keep reading to learn what to do about those wintertime blues and to learn some snarky ways to respond to those who deny it exists.


This feel-good hormone is responsible for giving our mood a kick in the rear. Did you know that most people have higher levels of serotonin during the summer months? As the days get shorter in the fall, and we see a little less of the sun, the amount of that little happy helper known as serotonin decreases in activity.


There is a reason melatonin is taken as a sleep aid. It helps tell the brain that it is time for bed. When we have less sunlight out, the lack of sun tells our brain that we need to make more melatonin. That may account for that all around feeling of blah.

What to Do about the Lack of Sunshine?

With limited sunshine, what’s a bro to do to help get his melon firing on all cylinders? Since the sun helps the body to create Vitamin D, and a lack of this sunshine vitamin has been associated with serotonin activity, you will want to include more foods that contain it. Choose fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, or sardines. Eggs and dairy also contain Vitamin D. Since it still may be tough to get enough Vitamin D from these sources alone, then consider adding a supplement.

One thing Vitamin D will not help with is that lack of tan that comes with the winter months. No need to worry. Our self-tanner will help to add just the right amount of color to make it look as if you just spent a week at the beach. Though scientists have not confirmed that looking good leads to feeling good, we would like to make that claim anyway.

Politely Telling People to Put a Sock in It

If anyone casually tells you to just shake it off, you have a lot of options. Ignoring people who don’t understand what it’s like to feel down is one of them. If this is not in your nature, then feel free to retort. We prefer comebacks such as “You can’t shake off a lack of Vitamin D” or “You shake it off, Taylor Swift”.

And Now for the Serious Stuff

Since we here at Bro Glo just can’t stand to see a dude who is not out there crushing life, we want to encourage anyone who is struggling to get the help they need. Listening to the folks who created the number one self-tanner for the boys is great and all, but we think it would be pretty cool if you spoke to someone who knows better than us.

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