3 Reasons Why Tanning Beds Are the Worst

3 Reasons Why Tanning Beds Are the Worst - Bro Glo

If you still happen to be using a tanning bed regularly, please allow us to ask you a few questions. For starters, WHAT?!? Secondly, HUH? And, lastly, ARE YOU KIDDING?!

The dangers of tanning beds are well-known to anyone who has access to a television, Twitter, TikTok, a doctor, a mom, *big inhale*, YouTube, any news website, and the entire Internet. Since this seems to be one of only three things the entire world can agree on (the other two being soccer and coffee), then why oh why are some people still using tanning beds? We already made an amazing product that does the job of a tanning bed only way better. To continue to do our part, we put together a list of three reasons why tanning beds are the absolute worst.

  1. All of the skin cancers: Yes, there is more than one. Much to the disappointment of our families, we here at Bro Glo are not doctors. However, real live doctors will tell you that tanning beds put you at an increased risk of many different types of skin cancer. You’ve got your melanoma, your basal cell carcinoma, and even squamous cell carcinoma. No thank you, sir. For what it’s worth, getting your UV rays from a tanning bed versus the sun is not safer. UV exposure can lead to melanoma, and that is nothing you want to mess with.
  2. Wrinkles: Though there are many great treatments that can help reduce wrinkles, such as Botox injections, you know what is even better? Not spending hundreds of dollars on those Botox injections because you avoided the harmful rays of an indoor tanning bed. Father Time remains undefeated, but there is really no reason we need to give that guy any assistance in the aging department.
  3. Eye problems: Are you sitting down for this? You can get cancer in. your. eyes. Ocular melanoma can develop in the cells that produce your eye’s pigment. In addition to eye cancer, those tanning beds also increase your risk of developing cataracts. Of course, there is usually a teeny, tiny eye protector available to offer those peepers some added protection, but who wants to chance it? Instead? Avoid the bed.

If all of those awful reasons scared you away from tanning beds, then good. Our work here is done. Or is it? We certainly don’t want you to walk around this world with a pasty complexion and no hope to correct it. Self-tanner is a safe alternative to tanning beds, and we happen to make the best one around because it is just for guys like you. Though it is cheaper than Botox, the money you save is nothing compared to saving your health.

On a more serious note, if you happen to discover any mole that changes in color, changes in size, itches, or bleeds, please speak with a healthcare professional about it immediately. Like now, man. Go. Why are you still reading this?

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