Bro Glo Reviews its Reviews

Bro Glo Reviews its Reviews - Bro Glo

Now that word is getting out about the world’s most awesome self-tanner made just for guys, we are pleased to see that the reviews are coming in. As you may have noticed, there are lots of bros out there who have tried our awesome product and shared how much they love it with the world. It really just warms our cockles. We think. We’re not entirely sure what cockles are. Since these guys had such nice things to say about us (and shucks, BTW), we thought we could take a moment to say some awesome things about them.

Austin F. - 5/5 review

Austin found us on TikTok, and therefore we are claiming ourselves TikTok famous. Our moms were super proud after we told them what TikTok was. Austin shared that he often burns due being a red head. Burn no more, buddy. And please spread the word to your fellow rusties. They’ll appreciate it, and so will we. We rate Austin at a 6/5. Would have a beer with.

Matthew S. - 5/5 review

Matthew kept it simple in his review. He just noted “More than more chicks. That’s simple.” Simple, indeed. Matthews seems like a cool enough dude who probably had no trouble with the ladies, but even a guy with a lot to offer still attracted even more ladies. We give Matthew a 6/5. Would help grill that fish he’s holding in his profile pic.

Austin S. - 5/5 review

Another showing in the “Dudes Named Austin” category, Austin S. used some Bro Glo when he took a last-minute beach trip. He has spread the word to all his pals about how our product gave him a quick tan that didn’t result in streaking or uneven fading. He’s another solid 6/5. Would hit the sauna with.

Grant B. - 5/5 review

Now we don’t like to brag, but we’re gonna. Our buddy, Grant, is crediting Bro Glo for improving his looks so much that his wife actually began talking to him again. We are pretty pumped about having a hand in his newfound hotness. Speaking of hands, Grant wants to remind our customers to wash their hands after applying to avoid having to give an orange thumbs up when thanking us. 7/5 Would thumb wrestle.

Brody L. - 5/5 review

There are five-star reviews, and there are religious experiences. Though our new friend, Brody, is not only thrilled that our product did not look like makeup, he is not just thanking us; he is thanking the Maker. We are thrilled that something as simple as self-tanner for men has allowed us to be in such divine company. We’re also pretty pumped that this review allowed us to show off our proper use of the semicolon. Those two things combined result in an 8/5 review for Brody. Would sing “hallelujah” with.

We really enjoy reading your kind words, and we enjoy it even more when you share those kind words with other pasty folks who need a killer tan.

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  • Tim on

    The best tanner. Thanks to JAKE HOOD for puttin the bug in my ear.

  • Sam C. on

    Best $25 I’ve ever spent. The face tanner is amazing. I apply it once or twice a week and it keeps my face glowing and looking healthy!

  • Alex on

    This is the absolute best product I’ve ever bought online. No one can tell I use a self tanner and think I’ve just been out in the sun because the color is so natural and pretty. It doesn’t stain any clothes or sheets for me, there’s no smell once it drys to your skin. I recommend to everyone.

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