How to Buy a Girl a Drink

How to Buy a Girl a Drink - Bro Glo

There are two types of activities in this world: Those that you need help with and those that you do not know you need help with. At Bro Glo, we are more than happy to offer life advice regardless of whether or not anyone asked us. We perform this service for free.

When it comes to approaching a lovely lady at a bar, there is a right and wrong way to do it. If you could use some help in this area, then read on to learn how to buy a girl a drink.

Step 1: Smile at her. So simple, right? If this sounds difficult or you’re too nervous, we highly recommend faking it. As in pretend you are not nervous. Practice your smile at home if you have to. Whatever you need to do to bring smiling into your comfort zone, do that thing. When you’re ready, make eye contact and show her that mouth full of chiclets.

Step 2: Assess. Did she cringe? Did she smile back? Make sure you understand the context of her reaction. A returned smile is a great result. A cringe or dirty look means you should buy someone else a drink.

Step 3: Approach: Now that you have received a return smile or any other affirmation, walk over and say hello. Tell her your name. Ask her if you can buy her a drink. Ask her.

Step 4a: She says yes: Holla! Now ask her what she would like to drink, and order it for her. Do not, repeat, do not, insist on buying her something you suggest. Make sure she sees the bartender or server serve the drink. Do you really want to cozy up to a girl who takes a drink from a stranger without seeing where it came from? Does she not watch Dateline?

Step 4b: She says no: No harm, no foul. However, let us also acknowledge that she may be saying no without using the word “no.”  Below is a list of responses that also mean no:

  • Not right now = no
  • Maybe later = no
  • I’m just trying to enjoy time with my friends = no
  • I don’t drink = no
  • I already have a drink = no
  • Um, who are you? = no
  • *silence longer than a 5-Mississippi* = no

Once you receive a no, and this is a must, DO NOT press further. You can say, “OK, have a nice night” or nothing at all. And remember, don’t sweat it. In fact, order yourself a drink for being the type of bro who takes chances and respects boundaries.

Step 5: Make conversation: She has accepted your drink offer. Now talk to her! Ask her what she does for a living, if she has any hobbies, where she is from, or any of the old standbys. Standing in silence is not an option.

Of course, we should mention that taking the drink and not acknowledging you after is also a no. Hey, it happens to the best of us, bro. Life goes on.

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