How Men Get Wedding-Ready

How Men Get Wedding-Ready - Bro Glo

So you’ll be attending a wedding? Are you a groom? The best man? A groomsman? Just a guest? No matter what your role in a wedding, you will certainly require some preparation. Sure, you can stroll in with no prep at all, but believe it or not, a little bit of pre-wedding prep will help you to have a better time and, thanks to us, to look great in those wedding pictures that will be plastering social media shortly after the couple says “I do”. Read on to learn more about how men get wedding ready.

Pick an outfit: If you are the groom or a part of the wedding party, this part has been done for you. For guests, you have got some options. Ideally, you will be wearing a freshly-pressed suit. Of course, if you don’t own a suit or are attending a June wedding in Phoenix, then some pressed pants and a collared shirt are acceptable. Though not brides ourselves, allow us to speak on their behalf: Do not wear jeans or a t-shirt. Even if they send you an invite stating that attire is casual, we still suggest you ignore that. If this wedding is taking place on a beach, a linen shirt with khaki shorts is the appropriate wedding uniform.

Buy a gift: You know how it is still considered tacky for a couple getting married to ask for cash? Then allow us to tell… lend the newlyweds a hand by doing it for them: give them cash. Hit an ATM, grab a card, and be done with it. If you prefer to buy something off the registry, that works. Bringing an actual gift to a wedding is very 1997. And that etiquette rule about having one year to get them a gift? Nah, man. Give it to them at the wedding or prior to.

About that +1: Sorry that we had to be the ones to tell you, but your friends were just being nice. If your invitation included a +1, and you are not in a relationship, do not bring a guest. Hear us out! If you bring a guest that hardly knows anyone at the wedding, it stands to reason that neither of you will have a good time. Flying solo also affords you the opportunity to meet someone without the use of a dating app. Doesn’t that sound quaint?

Fix yourself up: Plan in advance how soon before the wedding you’d like to get your hair cut. Some guys just look better a week after a cut, and some may like the look of a fresh cut. That’s your call. Shave that mug or give any facial hair a nice groom. The night before, apply some Bro Glo self-tanner so that your complexion doesn’t match the bride’s dress. We think it makes sense to apply both the body tanner and face tanner since you never know if the night may lead to hitting the hotel pool… or ya know…

In addition to the above requirements, we’d like to remind you to relax, have fun, and call an Uber.

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